Become a IOS Beta Tester

How does it work?


The first step to became a IOS beta tester is to register here. You can select which game you want to play and which devices you have.

Once you register, we will start the process and you will receive an email with the instructions to become a tester.

Play and obtain FREE credits

You will receive, before anyone else, new versions of our games. Once you get a new version you can start playing immediately.

Every time you find a bug you can report it to us and you will receive FREE CREDITS*.

*To receive credits, you must explain how to replicate the circumstances of the error.

Become IOS beta tester


First of all, we want to thank you for your interest to be a beta tester.

You have to register in

Connect your devices to your TestFlight account, it is easy just enter to from your mobile. (If you don’t know how to do this step, please use this Tutorial)

When you have follow this steps and register you accept our TERMS AND CONDITIONS

You will receive shortly the new beta version to test.

REMEMBER: You will earn FREE CREDITS every time you report a bug explaining how to reproduce it.

FEEL FREE TO SEND US, your comment and recommendation to improve it (contact mail

Many thanks for your participation and enjoy our game.

Juan Picerno

PD: Please include [IOS BETA *name] on the subject of your mail

*name Name of the game you want (HOKM, SUECA, etc)